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With over 15 years experience in conducting public policy research, I know what it takes for community and government programs to work. Whether you need customer focus groups or a full-scale program evaluation, Rachidi Research and Consulting, LLC can provide you with services to meet your research and consultation needs.


My Services

I offer a full-range of research services, from designing and implementing surveys to focus groups and qualitative interviews. I also offer consultation services in various areas of public policy. I conduct literature reviews, write analytic papers, and conduct statistical analysis to address a variety of public policy problems. My services are designed to help you meet your research, policy, and data needs.

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Why chose Rachidi Research and Consulting, LLC?

In today’s world, the demand for evidence, informed decision-making, and policy expertise is more important than ever. Rachidi Research and Consulting, LLC helps organizations meet the information and data demands of today’s world by offering practical and efficient research, evaluation, and data-related services.

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My philosophy

I want all children and families in this country to thrive. Policymakers, philanthropic leaders, and community organizations can help individuals and families by providing programs and services. I want those efforts to be well-targeted, informed by research, and effective.

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Let me meet your needs for policy expertise, research services, and related consulting.


Quality Service

Rachidi Research and Consulting, LLC puts the needs of clients first. Whether you need research, evaluation, or general consulting, I can translate your needs into real-world solutions quickly and efficiently. I am not happy until you are happy. Let my years of experience benefit you.