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Policy expertise / consultation

Policies and programs for low-income individuals and families - I provide policy expertise and consultation on a variety of human service programs and public policies that affect children and families. I have researched and evaluated income-support programs, such as the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) and studied policy areas such as child care and paid family leave. Whether you need assistance drafting a policy or program proposal or need help synthesizing the literature on issues related to a particular policy, let me offer you my expertise.  

Continuous quality improvement / performance measurement

Continuous quality improvement — I provide technical assistance to organizations interested in a continuous quality improvement process. Continuous quality improvement involves a framework for decision-making that is evidence-driven, participatory, and fosters a continual learning environment.

Performance measurement — Whether performance measurement is part of your continuous quality improvement efforts or used for program accountability, I offer technical assistance and consultation to develop and use performance measures for organizational improvement.

Research and evaluation services

Research services - I provide a full-range of research and data analytic services. This includes design services, such as outlining a research agenda for your organization. I also conduct specific research activities to help your organization answer critical questions, such as facilitating focus groups, conducting surveys, or doing interviews. In combination with primary data collection or as a stand-alone activity, I also offer data analytic services, such as analyzing survey or administrative data to answer your organization’s key questions.

Program evaluation services — I provide program evaluation design and implementation services. Program evaluation involves studying the implementation and impact of a particular program, typically drawing a comparison to another approach or no approach at all. I offer a full range of program evaluation services to meet your needs, including rapid-cycle methods designed to get information quickly and more rigorous designs such as random-assignment experiments.